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HITACHI Single-Stage, Air-Cooled (15/22/37/55kW)

Purity of Air Compression

  • Patented HX-18 PTFE-Free coatings ensure purity of air.
  • Stainless steel rotors to eliminate corrosion and promote the adhesion of the coatings.

Innovative Design

  • Patented Rotor Profile Design to optimize the clearances for increased performance.
  • Tapered rotors to compensate for the thermal expansion in the air end.

Maximized Thermal Efficiency

  • Patented Stainless Steel Hi-Precooler to assist in providing efficient cooling and thermal protection.
  • Cooling air path of the Hi-Precooler to maximize thermal efficiency of the cooling system.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Patented Oil Mist Remover (OMR) to eliminate environmental oil emissions from the gear case, ensuring purity of air compression.
  • Minimal oil loss through recapturing of the vented oil mists.

HITACHI Microprocessor Based Control

  • Standard lead/lag functionality.
  • Standard operational data recording.
  • Standard schedule Start/Stop operation.
  • Standard Instantaneous Power Interruption (IPI) Restart Function.
  • Standard Power Save operation to save power by automatically decreasing the unload pressure and averaging the operating pressure.
  • Standard Automatic Remote Air Dryer Pre-Start.

Major Component Protection

  • To protect major components, the standard Motorized Isolation Valve (MIV) automatically closes the discharge when the DSP air compressor stops.

Industry Leading Sound Levels & Vibration

  • Standard quiet enclosure.
  • Low sound levels to allow placement in a variety of locations.
  • Low vibration design to minimize leak paths.

Space Saving

  • Hitachi manufactures the smallest oil free rotary screw air compressor package in overall dimension to allow easy placement in a variety of locations.
  • Panel accessibility to promote space conservation.

In-House Manufacturing

  • Hitachi manufactures most of the major components of the DSP air compressors: HITACHI Airend, HITACHI EPAct Efficiency Motor, HITACHI Microprocessor Based Control and HITACHI Enclosure.
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