Air Rotory Services

Rotary Screw Air End refurbishment & repair

Air Rotory Services airend department is dedicated to quality servicing and repair of your rotary screw airend elements; ensuring they are rebuilt back to OEM specifications.


For more than 20 years Air Rotory Services have been refurbishing airends and our highly skilled technicians have extensive experience in rebuilding airends from all makes and models up to 600kW.

At Air Rotory Services we understand that an offline compressor costs money in lost production and productivity, so our aim is to provide you with a first-class airend refurbishment in the shortest possible turnaround time.


Equipment integrated into the rebuild centre includes:
  • Rotating table
  • Bearing induction heater
  • Crack detection equipment – NDT
  • Specialised bearing removal tools
  • Flatbed lathe
  • Pedestal drills
  • Welding equipment
  • Grinding and polishing equipment
  • Wash bay
  • Rotary parts washer
  • Test Bench 


Rotary Screw Airend Breakdown Service

Air End maintenance and repair

An Airend is a meticulous rotating component which requires refurbishing after a certain number of hours due to normal deterioration of bearings and other components. OEMs recommend refurbishment every 24 000 hrs. It is critical that an Airend element is refurbished to original fine tolerances in order to ensure equipment effectiveness and an extended operating life with adequate efficiency to reduce your energy costs.

Refurbishing an Airend is a precautionary measure to avoid scraping of the unit/s due to excessive lube on the internal rotors.  

Costly failure, expensive downtime, loss of production and preventing rental costs is what we aim to prevent. To achieve this requires the right skills, tools and equipment, and we are proud to say we adhere to this!