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Air Dryer Products

Air Dryers

Prevent rust and condensate problems by installing a compressed air dryer to remove water from your compressed air.

Breathing Air Systems

Refrigeration and Breathing Air Systems

Certain industrial and process compressed air applications must be completely free of all suspended water vapour. A refrigeration dryer is suitable for most general applications, but for those requiring absolutely dry air, an adsorption dryer is the only solution. Some of these applications are: Outside air lines & instrumentation subject to freezing conditions, air conveying of hygroscopic materials, special manufacturing processes, chemical, pharmaceutical & laboratory equipment. heatless adsorption dryer will provide a constant, pressure dew point of -40°C or even, on request for special applications -70°C

Desiccant Dryers

Heat Regenerated

This includes Vacuum Regeneration with Zero Purge loss, & Blower Purge. – Electrical or Steam Heat exchangers. HOC (Heat of Compression) for Oil free compressors

Heatless Dryers (PSA)

We supply a wide range of heatless desiccant dryers, (PSA) that can be installed directly after compressors or in the plant. All dryers are supplied with actuated control valves. Dew point monitoring and control (DPC) is optional for purge waste optimization and energy savings.
Capacities range from 8m³/hr up to 10,800³/hr. a wide range of Pressure Swing adsorption dryers in Modular Aluminum or Steel fabrication. Energy savings Dew Point monitoring & control. (DPC)

MMD Modular Series

Our latest range of Modular dryers with capacities from 5 – 400 m3/hr. Controlled by a SIEMENS Micro PLC, these units are of a very rugged construction and can be floor or wall mounted. Ideal for for point of use Instrument quality air with a – 40 PDP as standard

This is a picture of an Air Dryer manufactured by OMI™

Wall Mount Series

The HL Mini Series desiccant dryers, are a point of use dryer that can be installed anywhere in the plant to produce perfectly clean dry air. (ISO Class 2 quality)

The HL Series are supplied with Stainless Steel brackets for ease of installation and wall mounting, all systems include pre and post filters and are designed to produce air dryness levels of up to -40° C pressure dew point.