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SULLAIR Compressed Air Filtration & Mist Eliminators

Sullair Filters

Sullair filters protect your plant equipment and processes, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs. Sullair offers filtration products in an application range from general purpose air to the most stringent food and pharmaceutical applications. Sullair filters are available from 25 to 17,700 scfm, 15 to 725 psig, and 36°F (2°C) to 350°F (177°C).

  • Filtration equipment includes pre-filters, high efficiency filters, high-pressure high-temperature and odor-removal filters.
  • The type, number, and placement of filters depend on the applications and the degree of contaminant removal required.
  • Certifications: ISO 8573-1, ASME, CRN
This is a picture of SULLAIR filters
Element Features
  • 7 element types
  • Superior construction
  • Efficient drainage layer
  • Hydrophobic micro fiber
  • Deep pleats
  • Stainless steel cores
  • Special disruptive pattern
  • PVC impregnated layer
  • End cap key fit
Types of Sullair Compressed Air Filters

High Efficiency Coalescing Filtration: H and HR Elements

Maximum filtration to remove particulate down to 0.01 micron, including water and oil aerosols. Maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.01 ppm at 70°F (21°C), when used with Sullair particulate filters.

High Temperature: HT Element

Filters are available for temperatures up to 350°F (176.6°C)

Particulate Filters: F and FR Elements

High efficiency filters remove particles to 1 micron, including coalesced liquid water and lubricants
Maximum remaining aerosol content after filtration is 0.5 ppm at 70°F (21°C).

High Pressure: HP Element

Filters are available for pressures up to 725 psig (49.9 bar)

Vapor Removal: C Elements

Filters with activated carbon remove lubricant and hydrocarbon odors.
Remaining vapor content is less than 0.003 ppm (excluding methane).
This filter installation should always be preceded by high efficiency filter grades.

Ultra Filter: U Element

For sensitive and high-end applications including pharmaceutical grade, Sullair offers the Ultra Filter, an absolute high efficiency particulate filter (0.01 Micron Absolute).

This is a picture of a Sullair Mist eliminators

Sullair Mist Eliminators

Compressed air processing equipment must have a very low pressure drop, long service life, and be strong enough to withstand the most harsh operating conditions. Protection from slugs of oil or compressor air/oil separator failure is essential.

The range of Mist Eliminators is specifically designed to meet these demands and will optimize oil removal
while ensuring extremely low pressure drop and long service life.

Element Features
  • Ultra low .05 psi differential
  • High load factor compared to conventional hand packed media which is prone to poor performance
    under varying load conditions
  • Provides 9–10 times greater filtration surface area, greater dirt holding capability and lower
    pressure drop
  • Eliminates migration of airflow to area of least resistance, also known as “channeling”
  • Eliminates the shedding of media
  • Consistent quality
  • Strong stainless steel support sleeve construction
  • Eliminates rust and corrosion which can contaminate the air system
  • Integral support of the filtration media to eliminate bypass of contaminants
  • For the removal of particles down to 1 micron including coalesced liquid water and oil providing a
    maximum remaining oil aerosol content of 0.5 ppm


Special machine pleated element construction
The machined pleating of the filter media increases its stability under changing loads and reduces the
specific surface tension.

Low Pressure Drop and Operating Costs
The Sullair Mist Eliminator’s pressure drop is one of the lowest available at 0.5 psi which is typically 4 psi
lower than conventional filters. This provides significant energy savings based on the rule of thumb that for
every 2 psi pressure drop that is eliminated, a 1% energy reduction in compressor horsepower is achieved.

Therefore annual energy savings would be:
4 psi = 2% savings in lost compressor power

Annual energy savings on 100 hp system
$0.05/kWh x 8760 hours x 74.6 kW x 2% = $ 653
$0.08/kWh x 8760 hours x 74.6 kW x 2% = $1046
$0.10/kWh x 8760 hours x 74.6 kW x 2% = $1307

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