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YTO 150KVA 3 PHASE (GKY-165)

Features and benefits

  • Maximum 165kVA standby power at 230/400v @ 50Hz 1500rpm

  • High quality and reliable six cylinder 6.87l turbocharged and intercooled YTO diesel engine

  • Ideal for business applications

  • Silent canopy which can stand outside with lockable doors

  • Automatic changeover (ATS), maintenance free batteries and trickle charger included

  • Four-way protection system included

  • H-specification insulation, brushless alternator with AVR provides stable output

  • Easy to use digital controller with auto and manual start options

  • All sets undergo a comprehensive testing/pre delivery inspection prior to delivery peace of mind of earlier of one year/1000 hour warranty


  • YTO heavy-duty diesel engine
  • Six cylinder, water cooled, turbocharged
  • Electronic governor control system
  • 24v DC starter and charge alternator
  • Replaceable fuel filter, oil filter and dry element air filter
  • Cooling radiator and fan
  • Fuel connection hoses and manual sump oil drain valve
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Maintenance free battery including rack and cables
  • Jacket water heater (as option)
  • YTO engine manual


  • Brushless, single bearing system, four poles

  • Insulation class H with circuit breaker protection

  • Standard degree of protection IP21

  • Self-exciting and self-regulating

  • AVR SX460 included

  • Screen protected and drip proof

  • Stator winding with 2/3 pitch for improved harmonics

  • Close voltage regulation


  • Steel chassis and anti-vibration pads

  • Base frame design incorporates an integral fuel tank

  • The generator can be lifted or carefully pushed/pulled by the base frame

  • Includes diesel level sensor information to the controller


  • Ventilation parts are designed with modular principles

  • Weather resistant and lined with sound reducing foam

  • All metal canopy parts are painted by powder paint

  • Panel window

  • Lockable doors on each side

  • Easy maintenance and operation

  • Easy lifting and moving

  • Insulated engine exhaust system

  • Exterior emergency stop push button

  • General specifications

  • Structure type
  • Dimensions Length x Width x Height
  • Dry weight
  • ATS unit included
  • Four-way protection system included
  • GKY-165

  • 165kVA

  • Silent weather resistant enclosure
  • 2950mm x 1110mm x 1535mm
  • 1695kg

Control system

Control supervision and protection panel is mounted on the genset base frame. The control panel is equipped as follows:

Auto mains failure control panel

  • Smartgen series automatic transfer switch module

  • HGM7220 electronic controller

  • Emergency stop push button

  • Static battery charger

  • Four-pole electrically and mechanically interlocked ATS

Generating set control module HGM7220 features

  • This module is used to monitor a mains supply and automatically start a standby generating set
  • Shutdown alarms

Metering via LCD display

  • Generator volts (L-L/L-N); mains volts (L-L/L-N)

  • Generator amps (L1, L2, L3); generator (kVA and kW)

  • Generator frequency; generator (cos)

  • Engine hours run; plant battery (volts)

  • Engine oil pressure (psi and bar)

  • Engine speed (rpm)

  • GSM SMS signal

  • Engine temperature (˚C)

Automatic shutdown and fault conditions

  • Under/over speed; fail to start        

  • High engine temperature; fail to stop

  • Low oil pressure; charge fail

  • Under/over generator volts; over current

  • Under/over generator frequency; emergency stop

  • Under/over mains frequency

  • Under/over mains voltage

  • Low/high battery volts