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SULLAIR ShopTek™ CE Compressors: 45-110 kW

Economic & High Performing ShopTek™ CE   45 – 110 kW Compressors


SULLAIR ShopTek® air compressors redefine industry standards for continuous duty compressors in the 4–110kW range. Designed with the end customer in mind, ShopTek compressors feature a small footprint and are built to provide exceptional reliability and extremely low maintenance.

The C.E. ShopTek air compressors come standard with:

  • Legendary SULLAIR air end
  • 10,000 hour Genuine Sullube® factory fill
  • 5-year Emerald Warranty — providing coverage on major components including the air end; air/fluid receiver; main drive motor; fluid cooler; and aftercooler
This is a picture of a SULLAIR ShopTek™ Economic and High Performing Air Compressor - 45kW - 110kW Range
  1. Fluid and Air Coolers:
    • Easy access for maintenance
    • Air-cooled
  2. Heavy Duty Air Filter:
    • Protects key components from premature failure
    • Extends separator, fluid filter and fluid life
    • Easy access for maintenance
  3. Separator:
    • C.E. certified receiver
    • High quality/low carryover
    • Access panel for easy removal
    • Fluid sight glass
  4. IP 55 Motor:
    • IE3

5. Direct-coupled Gear Drive

6. SULLAIR Air End

  • Minimal maintenance

7. Control Panel

  • Y-Delta starter (fixed speed)
  • Easy access to controls
  • Electronic Controller
  • Matches output to demand
  • Clear and concise graphic display
  • Monitors status of key operating parameters

8. Optional VSD
     Optional VSD available provides flexibility to vary both capacity and pressure to better match compressed         air demand and supply. Sullair Compressors with VSD provide:

  • Stable system pressure
  • Flexibility for future growth
  • Excellent energy savings


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