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Air Rotory Services were Authorised Distributor of Sullair LLC and are privileged with having the support and training knowledge of such a reparable OEM, This partnership with Sullair allowed us to get training of the highest quality.

When Sullair came through to train our staff, we were blessed to be trained via new age VR Training technology, this allowed our staff to experience real life technical scenarios via virtual reality, and allowed our staff to train in a 2nd life experience. This training was deeply appreciated as it allowed our staff to:

  1. To experience a Variety of Learning Styles
  2. Offered Experiences That Promote Repetition and Retention of knowledge
  3. Eliminating Risk and Safety Concerns of onsite training
  4. Convenience of inhouse, yet extensive training ability.

These are to just mention a few. Our staff learnt allot during this experience and also had allot of fun doing so.

Air Rotory

Sullair Product Training

Air Rotory were given state-of-the-art training by Sullair.

Using a VR headset and two handheld devices, staff were able to ‘walk’ 360 degrees around a virtual compressor. They could participate in parts identification exercises to virtually ‘grab’ a compressor component, identify it, and install it on the machine. The VR experience showing the insides of a machine and all its parts while they were in motion, were an incredible addition.

Servicing: before & after photos

We provide maintenance on all compressor makes and models via Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Here are some before and after photos from recent maintenance projects.

Serviced and maintained by Air Rotory
Serviced and maintained by Air Rotory
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