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SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated dryers remove moisture from compressed air by cooling the air — thereby reducing the ability of the air to hold moisture.


SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryers are available in the following configurations:

RN — Refrigerated Non-Cycling — 5 to 325 scfm

RD — Refrigerated Digital Cycling — 400 to 6000 scfm

RC — Refrigerated Cycling — 150 to 3000 scfm n RH — Refrigerated High Temperature — 15 to 100 scfm

SULLAIR refrigerated dryers are registered with CAGI and feature:

  • State of the art heat exchanger design n Evaporator with multi-stage separator stainless steel demister
  • Low power consumption with energy saving features including:
    • 3-in-1 heat exchanger
    • High efficiency compressors
  • Globally marketable refrigerant R-134a
  • Consistent dew point performance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Refrigerant analyzer indicator
  • Fan cycle switch
  • High quality fan motors
  • Oversized condenser
  • Removable side panels and parts for easy serviceability
Types of SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryers
Picture of a SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryers_RN Series,

RN series

5 – 325 SCFM

Registered with CAGI
60Hz capacities from 5 to 325 scfm
50Hz capacities from .42 to 9.2 m3/min
Compact footprint
Variable flow capacity from 10% to 100%
High inlet temperature — up to 150°F (65.5°C)
Non-velocity sensitive demister/separator

Picture of a SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryers_ RD Series

RD Series

400 – 6000 SCFM

Registered with CAGI
60Hz capacities from 400 to 6000 scfm
50Hz capacities from 11.3 to 169.9 m3/min
Optimum dew point levels for the highest system performance
Digital cycling control for increased energy savings
Energy efficient scroll compressor

Picture of SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryers_RC Series

rc series

150 – 3000 SCFM

Registered with CAGI
60Hz capacities from 150 to 3000 scfm
50Hz capacities from 4.2 to 84.9 m3/min
Stainless steel pump and cold storage tank
Thermal expansion valve
Programmable temperature controller
Energy savings at low loads
Intermittent compressor operation
Simple refrigerant circuit
Thermal mass storage medium
Accurate dew point control

Picture of a SULLAIR Refrigerated Dryer_RH Series

RH series

15 – 100 SCFM

Registered with CAGI
60Hz capacities from 15 to 100 scfm
Inlet temperature up to 240°F (115.6°C)
Independent air-cooled aftercooler
Moisture separator
Two independent timer drains

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