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Sullair Vacuum Pumps

HSP Hospital Suction Packages

A Vacuum System You Can Count On

Sullair Hospital Suction Packages (HSP) are specifically designed to provide continuous vacuum for hospital applications. Manufactured from the proven rotary screw vacuum system of Sullair, these pumps meet or exceed the requirements for packaged vacuum pumps per NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code, 2015 Edition. Simplex packages have a capacity range from 78 to 1000 acfm (2.2 to 28.3 m³/min); duplex packages are available from 78 to 300 acfm (2.2 to 8.5 m³/min) per pump. HSP systems are warranted for two years. All packages are equipped with base load transfer switches for alternating purposes.

VS Series Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems

The Sullair Vacuum System is a complete tested and packaged system. There are no additional components to purchase. This simplifies installation and reduces start-up time and costs. The vacuum systems incorporate Sullair rotary screw technology to provide stable vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. These units deliver smooth, pulse-free operation and offer long-term reliability. Compared to other types of vacuum pumps, Sullair vacuum pumps demonstrate a 50% operating cost advantage.

Industry Leading Technology

Sullair vacuum packages deliver smooth, pulse-free operation and long
term reliability. The vacuum systems are constructed with high-quality
components to ensure optimal performance and dependability. In addition
to being engineered to deliver reduced noise levels, the packages are
designed for simple maintenance. The systems can be customized to fit
nearly any customer need.

Superior Operating Efficiency

Sullair vacuum systems incorporate proven rotary screw technology to
deliver a stable vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. The package’s constant
control system ensures optimal performance throughout the operating
range. In addition, Sullair systems do not require water to operate — all
acquisition, treatment and disposal costs are eliminated. Comparisons
with competitive technology demonstrate a 50% operating cost advantage
for the Sullair Vacuum Systems — a fact that’s tough to ignore.

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